Republicans use 9/11, cancer to solicit funds

But it's where they did it that may hurt them the most:

Any proceeds from a fundraiser held at the Bee Tree fire station in Swannanoa on September 11 by the Buncombe County GOP spent on political activities would likely result in campaign finance violations, says Adam Ragan, campaign finance compliance specialist with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Anthony Penland, chief of the Swannanoa Fire Department, told the North Carolina Independent News that no fee was paid for use of the facility by the Buncombe County GOP. Penland said he thought the fundraiser was to “raise money for cancer,” and that he was unaware that the fundraiser would benefit the local Republican Party.


Even if they got their butts

chewed on by commenters here, they should still make the effort. I haven't given up on them (completely) yet, and I have a hunch Andrew is not as comfortable with some of the Party's recent behavior as his public comments portray.

We're running out of time

to turn this election around. But with Democrats like Redwine and Swindell, I can appreciate why folks who might otherwise support the party would just as soon stay home.

Unfortunately, everyone in the state stands to lose if the GOP takes over, and it is looking like a strong possibility that they will.

Obviously our best chance is going to be through getting out the vote -- and in a midterm election -- that's a tall order.

My current frustration

is with the Elaine Marshall signs I put up here in N. Raleigh being taken down. Sometimes they are replaced with signs for her opponent. If there was already a sign for the opponent nearby, it remains untouched. NOT legal!