The guy is loving all the attention, be it good, bad or ugly. Fifteen minutes of fame on the global stage. He's arrived.

Sadly, a quarter of our state's citizens think "he's da' man" for standing up to all you pinko commie liberals.

He won't back down. He can't back down. His ego is wrapped up in playing the fool. It's time to relegate him to the long line of bigots for whom we have to apologize. Sorry world. It's on us that we elected such an idiot to the General Assembly.

North Carolina deserves a permanent spot on the Daily Show.


He's a joke

Who cares if anyone reprimands him? It's all just theater ... of the absurd.


...haven't any of this colleagues in the NCGA stepped up to condemn these remarks? Is their allegiance to their ALEC brother stronger than their sense of decency?

GOP Chair Pope ...

... has asked him to retract his comments, calling them "offensive", and he's refusing to do so (via Raw Story).

Kabuki theatre

Pope's "request" is a carefully orchestrated piece of theatre designed to give Republicans cover among independents who may be alarmed by Rucho's actions. It means nothing, and certainly won't change the nature of any debate. It's all a joke to them. Like a frat party run amok.

For real?

Is this guy actually a real flesh and blood human being or simply the random output of an automated Fox Talking Point Generator 2000XL gone awry?


I have to agree with the person posting this, unfortunately he's not the only one in the Statehouse with these views. There is allot of idiots in the NC Statehouse right now.

I hope... bladder stays healthy. I'm gonna be visiting a lot of graves one of these days.