Showdown coming on abortion rights in North Carolina

It looks like we're in for a showdown in Raleigh as the misogynists in the General Assembly look to impose more restrictions on women's rights despite McCrory's promise that he would not sign any such legislation. My prediction? McCrory does not have the balls to stand against the Pope-controlled legislature and will not veto anti-abortion legislation if it lands on his desk.

Instead, he'll let the legislation automatically become law without his signature, thereby technically keeping his bullshit promise.

Meanwhile, here's an excellent summary of the state of abortion rights on this anniversary of Roe v. Wade, featuring nine informative charts.


Note to pro-choice organizations

Stop spending money lobbying the General Assembly. Period. They are mindless assholes who honestly don't care what women want or need. Put your money into hiring the most creative lawyers you can find and sue the hell out of every government body and every health organization at every level in North Carolina every time they do anything even remotely intrusive.


James, You are right that the work of the pro-choice community will need to evolve over the next couple of years. Outside of law suits, I think it's important to focus on communication strategies, bringing attention to anti-choice efforts inside and outside of the GA.