Sign NCCN's coal ash petition

We need your help to urge the EPA to adopt the strongest possible public health protections from toxic coal ash sludge. Coal ash is less strictly regulated than household garbage. It is a bi-product of burning coal and contains toxins such as mercury and arsenic that can contaminate our groundwater.

Big polluters are lobbying the EPA to enact weaker rules on coal ash, so it’s critical that we show strong public support for common sense action. We need strong enforceable standards, not weak rules that allow polluters to put our communities at risk.

Go here to sign the petition, and don't forget to follow the NC Conservation Network's activities via their Facebook page.


coal ashe petition

I did sign the petition, plus other petitions per request from this organization, and I was still not endorsed by CCNC, as of this week, in my run for NC Senate 15. I hope they are happy with Neal Hunt, who will look to Richard Burr and Skip Stam for inspiration, while I seek out the likes of Josh Stein and Al Gore to validate my priorities. This is politics for 2010, not principles for future generations, at work.

Charles Malone


I've heard that the Sierra Club in Wake County endorsed Neal Hunt. Can that possibly be true? WTF is going on over there? Do you have any details?

Normally, I'd discount such rumors, but in this instance, it wouldn't surprise me. Wake County is increasingly bizarre on so many fronts - and I know from experience that local clubs can be personal power trips for the leaders involved.

Please post what you know about this issue, if anything.