Somebody's gearing up to announce he's running for governor?

I don't know about you, but I haven't received a lot of emails from Attorney General Roy Cooper over the years, but I got one today. It's a good one.

Welcome to the movement, Roy. And thanks for the email.


We’re proud in North Carolina to have laws that encourage people to register and vote while maintaining the integrity of our elections. But HB 589 goes backward and actually makes it harder for people to register and vote.

Here’s how it would do damage:

1. Cut short early voting, giving us longer lines on Election Day and making it harder for working people to vote.

2. Stop pre-registration for young people who want to vote for the first time.

3. Prohibit people who go to the wrong precinct from casting a provisional ballot there. Precinct confusion happens a lot after redistricting.

4. Enforce a voter ID law so restrictive that a student can't even use a college ID.

There are more disturbing election law changes in this bill that will reduce access to the polls and lead to expensive lawsuits that North Carolina doesn't need. It's wrong to make it more difficult for North Carolinians to register and vote. I’ve asked Governor McCrory to veto this bill and I hope you will too.

Sign the petition.


More on Cooper

Just to say it, I'd be excited to see Roy enter the race sooner than later. Also, the rumor mill suggests that he's polling stronger than any of the usual suspects, which is not surprising given his statewide name recognition. All that said, I hope he steps up big time.

Check out the article at NC Policy Watch, which discusses the power grab by Tillisberger that was tucked into the last minute frenzy of bills rammed through the legislature. Definitely worth the read.

Thank God

For a second there while I was refreshing the page the words "Patrick McHenry" and "running for Governor" sort of morphed together on my screen, and I could feel the gorge rising. :0

Don't get me wrong, I like Roy, and I think he would make a good Governor. But we already have a kick-ass candidate, thank you very much :)

That would be a scary thing

McHenry has the same problem that Tillis has. The only way he wins is with a district that's been custom designed to be filled with a majority of Tea Party types. In a statewide contest, neither of them has a snowball's chance in hell of winning in the general.

There are a few people I'd gladly bow out for

Mr. Cooper isn't exactly one of them. He's a mainstream corporate Democrat, like most of the the usual suspects, so it's hard to fault him there. But he hasn't fully used his considerable stature and popularity for freedom and fairness. What's more, he seems pretty committed to America's insane war on drugs.

That's not to say he can't sling a rope like nobody's business. Just kidding, Roy.