Stand up to Citizens United!

Can you believe that Karl Rove and GOP front organizations plan to spend more than $1 billion during this year’s election to advance their extreme agenda? Just last week we saw the power of unlimited corporate cash in Wisconsin’s recall election in which the Democratic candidate for governor was outspent by a whopping 10 to 1 margin.

That’s why eleven of my fellow North Carolina state legislators and I have proposed a resolution calling on Congress to ban unlimited corporate cash in elections. However, the Republican leadership in Raleigh is ignoring our resolution and refusing to even debate it.

We need you to sign up as a citizen co-sponsor of this vital bill. Let’s tell Republicans in Raleigh and in Washington that our democracy is not for sale!

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling paved the way for unrestrained corporate spending on political elections. We’ve seen how this flood of cash is strangling the democratic process and undermining our republic. It’s simple to sign up as a citizen co-sponsor: Just click this link and fill out the form. With your help we can send a powerful message to Congress that corporations are not people and they have no business trying to buy our democracy.

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P.S. Even if you don’t live in North Carolina you can still sign up as a citizen co-sponsor. We need everyone working together to restore genuine democratic values to Congress.


I signed. Citizen's United is a cancer on

our Democracy. Thank you for taking this issue seriously.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Also signed

Sorry this didn't get front-paged earlier. This is exactly the kind of populist activism we should expect from candidates and elected officials alike.

Thanks Patsy.


Thanks to both of y'all. We've got close to 700 signatures already.

Rep. Patsy Keever, NC District 115
Candidate for Congress in 10th Congressional District