States Rights and the NCGA

Republican lawmakers say the bills reflect a desire to assert states’ rights and tell the federal government to “stay out of our business,” said Rep. Mike Hager, a top-ranking House Republican from Rutherfordton.

“I think at some point we’ve got to draw the line,” he said. “The 10th Amendment is in the Constitution, and we need to exercise our rights under the Constitution.”

Critics said the GOP is hurting working-class people, people without jobs, and the economy, all for the sake of ideology.

“The best I can read it, it’s an ideological play to their base,” said Sen. Josh Stein, a Raleigh Democrat.

Refusing to implement provisions of the Affordable Care Act places North Carolina within the sphere of states that have gone as far as they can to reject the law.

from the Raleigh N&O Thursday:


States Rights

For the Republicans in the NCGA this is the height of hypocrisy. If they want to surrender the state sovereignty they're always whining about, their ability to create and regulate these exchanges, let them. It's going to happen anyway and they'll be left flapping in the wind, just like their gums.

David Esmay

More Hypocrisy

They can talk all they want about telling higher levels of government to "stay out of our business," but Raleigh has no problem meddling in the business of local governments.

Perhaps it is not inconsistent though if they are talking about the "business" of being politicians. When big "business" (like cable companies) comes calling and writing campaign checks, our legislators make it their "business" to block things like municipal broadband to "protect" local governments from themselves.