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"The mission of Financial Services is to provide comprehensive financial services, to ensure accountability and to protect the County's assets. This office is established and defined by the NC > Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act (NCGS 159).

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Lisa Hughes, Director of Financial Services began our third night with a stellar presentation explaining how her department manages the annual budget of $118 million. The following are the top eight in Moore County, garnering $1 million or more:

Moore County Schools = $25,841,217 divided by the number of children reported attending Moore County Schools which is 11,598, that comes
to a total of $2,228 spent on each student's education.

Sheriff/Detention Center = $8,826,816
Social Services = $7,665,949
Sandhills Community College = $4,939,599
Health = $2,698,848
Tax = $2,306,745
Public Safety = $1,172,663
Solid Waste = $1,063,144

They deal with five fund types. The General Fund is mainly funded through tax revenues, most of the departments are funded through the General Fund and this includes debt services. The Enterprise Fund is a self-sustaining fund and operates as a business sustained by user fees. The Internal Service Funds are what each department is charged for IT assessment. The Special Revenue Funds only allow for a limited use of the funds that fund them, (E911 Telephone Fund, MCTS and Emergency Medical Services). The Agency Fund is really a holding fund for other agencies and the Capital Project Funds is for all major projects.

The average tax rate for North Carolina is 65.2; Moore County's tax rate of 45.5 makes it the 10th lowest in the state. For 2007 real and personal property taxes, rental tax, sales taxes, interest earned and service fees account for 79% of the General Fund's revenue source.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Wayne Vest, Interim Tax Administrator and Johnny Edmondson, Assistant Tax Administrator presented their department to us for the second half of the evening's class. The departments within the Tax Office include appraisal, tax programming, collections, land records, revaluation and tax information. The Moore County Tax Department has the best tax collection rates in the state with a rate of 99.63% for the 2005-2006 year. An amazing record and an integral part of government management. In Moore County, "taxes represent approximately 50% of the county's total operating budget.

The tax office offers many products including address labels and data printouts. Through this office you can find you property tax value and how to appeal it, your vehicle tax amount and when the next property revaluation will be. The State mandates that the County reassess every 8 years, the Board of Commissioners have ordered that they will be every 4 years. Their window for appeal will open the first Monday in May, the law states that they must be open for appeal for three weeks. The meeting date will be published in The Pilot 10 days before the meeting is scheduled. You can get much more information by visiting their page at the Moore County Government Website.

Every class that has been held so far has been informative and educational. Every presenter there is on his or her own dime. If you are interested in the inner operations of County Government, the best teachers are the ones that operate it.


Mo, when you're finished with your series

I'm going to send links to them all to the powers that be here in Meck. This is a wonderful idea and I'm glad you have the opportunity to take advantage of these classes. Moore County officials seem to understand that empowering their citizens with knowledge about their county government will help said government in the long run.

Not only will you be less apt to criticize because you understand what is going on, but you will also be more inclined to contact with suggestions, volunteer to serve on committees or even run for office.

Great post. Thanks for bringing it here.

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Ditto what SD said

I used to be on a town council . . . but I'm learning so much about county government from your entries. Thank you for taking time to do this.

I'm green

with envy. Johnston County ssooooo needs to do this. 'We the People' go to public meetings and such but we sit there listening and I swear they may as well be speaking Latin for all the comprehension that's going on in the cheap seats. I'd love to have some understanding of what they're talking about when they're discussing where money for this and that will come from. Thanks for sharing all this, Mo. I love this stuff!! :)

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WooHoo The Blue Is Back!

Thanks guys, it is really my pleasure. Do you realize how much more empowered I feel? Not just taking these amazing classes, but that I am able to follow this path of understanding more about and becoming more involved in my government. Without this Blue Community I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't have even gone to County Dem meetings, supported or get to know candidates, wouldn't have even attended my very first precinct meeting. I bow to you, all of you!

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