Top Three takeaways from SOTU speech

My top three items out of many proposals last night from President Obama (especially for the middle and lower class citizens):

1. "Raise the Federal Minimum wage to $9 an hour." A new and better stimulus plan.

2. Immigration: "Send me a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the next few months. I will sign it..."

3. "Cut red tape for responsible home owners to make refinancing more available...Help our economy grow..."

Overall: a great speech, well delivered. I am proud to have Barack Obama as my President.

I viewed the State of the Union on the "enhanced" stream from the White House. It was much better than the view on MSNBC, but I recorded the TV version on DVR and plan to watch to see what I missed the first time around.


View the enhanced version of SOTU

You can still watch an enhanced version of the State of the Union speech featuring charts, graphs and data that will help you understand the President's policies at online.

Martha Brock

I liked the "cut red tape"

proposal. It's maybe the one thing that would help me personally. Did the President say there was legislation in Congress pending on this?

Obama pushed for a higher minimum wage

From the Raleigh N&O:

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — President Barack Obama pushed for a higher minimum wage at a re-opened manufacturing plant Wednesday because he says Americans who work full time should not be in poverty.

The president followed up his call for the increase from $7.25 to $9 an hour in Tuesday night's State of the Union address with a trip to North Carolina, attempting to reach voters outside Washington on the plan

Read more here:

For those on the wrong side of N&O's paywall: Yahoo carries a story too:

Martha Brock