Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start out with another field-grade officer gone wrong:

HendersonGOP 12:44pm via Twitter for Android
RT @NCCivitas: Civitas President: NC Election Chief Lying. bit.ly/UPEgB7 #NCPol #ConsNC

Francis, many of your readers may fall for the "voter integrity" bullshit you claim is behind this attack, but you and I both know better. Your real goal is to get rid of early voting, and the goal behind that is to have fewer people take part in our Democratic process. I put on my uniform and served for exactly the opposite reason: to defend the rights of my fellow citizens to take part in that process. Why did you put on your uniform?

Rob_Schofield 12:20pm via Tweet Button
Corporate lobbyists already flexing their muscles...The backroom deal to cut benefits to workers shar.es/GFsk5 #ncga #ncpol #bluenc

I realize this Tweet is scrolling over there --> but this one bears double-scrutiny:

But the decision may have basically already been made, judging by a weekend Associated Press story that provided the outline of the proposal that has been crafted behind closed doors by Republican legislative leaders and business lobbyists.

No labor leaders or other advocates for workers have apparently been invited to the secret meetings where the plan was crafted that will be presented to the next meeting of the Revenue Laws Study Committee December 5.

Apparently our intrepid Legislators need a reminder of the Purpose behind the Open Meetings Law:

"Whereas the public bodies that administer the legislative, policy‑making, quasi‑judicial, administrative, and advisory functions of North Carolina and its political subdivisions exist solely to conduct the people's business, it is the public policy of North Carolina that the hearings, deliberations, and actions of these bodies be conducted openly."

It's all very simple, frankly. A government that secretly panders to corporate spokesmen is not a government, it's a circle-jerk in a room with nice furniture.

SarahOvaska 12:01pm via Tweet Button
Stock plummets (again) for K12, Inc. shar.es/GFrHT #ncvirtual #ncga #ncpol

I got your free market right here...okay, if you can't see what I'm doing, that really doesn't have the impact it should.

SunFoundation 5:46pm via Web
Save the date: We'll host a webinar at 1PM on Thurs 11/29 to explain our "return on investment" election analysis: snlg.ht/UdGXjo

If (like me) you'll be doing something else at that time, the data behind the webinar is also accessible.

underthedome 11:48am via twitterfeed
Rouzer seeks recount: State Sen. David Rouzer has called for a recount of the votes in his bid to unseat longtim... bit.ly/106c0Qy

And of course, all of the idiot right-wing Twits who were calling for Linda Coleman to concede so we wouldn't waste taxpayer's money haven't said jack-shit about Rouzer's recount. "Hypocrites" is way too nice a term.

ThomGoolsby: My weekly column is a call to action on academic fraud at #UNC. carolinacolumns.com/thom-goolsby/s… #nhc #ncga

I hesitate to give this guy any column space, but here's a taste of his prose:

The UNC academic fraud scandal is like a pesky staph infection that just won’t go away for university officials — nor should it. As reporters at the Raleigh News and Observer continue to dig, they uncover more and more dirty little secrets. The latest problems swirl around a pus pocket called the Academic Support Program.

I think Thom really wanted to be a doctor and fell short. Fell short of the writing thing, too...

Okay, here's your Onion:

The Onion‏@TheOnion
Nation's Uncles Enter Last Stage Of Prep For Thursday's Thanksgiving Debates http://onion.com/UGKTFt

Jesus. I totally forgot about this, and now I've only got two days to get ready...