Tuesday Twitter roundup

More on the Dix kerfluffle:

ElevatorQueen 11:55am via Web Y'all I didn't want the Dix Park. I'd have rather had an elevator land. #morefun

See, now this is the proper way to deploy a faux Twitter account. It's all funny, and there's no way even an 83IQ GOP staffer would mistake this for our labor-unfriendly Labor Commissioner.

unc_execbranch 11:02am via HootSuite Intrigued by Japanese tradition? Check out Art for Lunch: "The Art and Politics of Samurai Sociability" tomorrow! ow.ly/fKW7K

I attended a lecture a few years ago at Weatherspoon (UNCG) prior to viewing the Floating World exhibit, and the interrelationships between artisans, courtesans and the gentry brought that era to life for me more than all previous studies. If this program is anything like that one, it's a must-see.

betseyross 9:50am via HootSuite Kansas conservative Rallies House Republicans to Reaffirm Anti-Tax Pledge ht.ly/fNvsa #tcot #sgp #ncpol #lnyhbt

Just to clarify for this idiot and others, the "nc" in #ncpol stands for North Carolina, not numbnut conservative.

JeffTarteNC: Senate orientation nxt 2 days. My new 1st yr goal in #NCGA: do as few stupid things as possible!

I'm pretty sure this is not a faux account. Which means, there may be hope for this man yet. Until he does do something stupid, in which case I will keelhaul him on the blogosphere's barnacled boat-bottom.

Okay, even I think that last part was over the top. Under the bottom. Whatever.

MOORE_Carolina 12:59pm via Twitter for Android
Agreed! @SenatorBerger: Options to terminate this ill-conceived lease and reclaim land on behalf of its real owners: the people of NC #ncga

Okay, let me explain something to you, David. There are actually two main political parties in this state, the Republicans (the other guys) and Democrats (your party). While there is such a thing as crossing the aisle (it's a rare thing, and usually means trouble), you actually have to be near the aisle to cross it. Take some time to digest that, and tomorrow we'll discuss why it's important to chew your food.

Here are a couple of Royal Onions:

The Onion‏@TheOnion

"I can feel it gestating inside me, a malformed abomination wrought from centuries of inbreeding." – Kate Middleton http://onion.com/QCWI33

The Onion‏@TheOnion

Cut This Monster Out Of Me (by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge) http://onion.com/VsAZtL

Okay, I gotta go. That last one made me bark a laugh, bringing me to the attention of the library police.


That is weird

It makes me want to play with some of those fancy computers the NSA uses to collect data. And, I probably shouldn't have mentioned them on the Internet...