Tuesday Twitter roundup

Some more great ideas for creating an equitable society:

WhizChem 1:20pm via Seesmic
RT @ncjustice: RT @ncbudgetandtax: Prosperity Watch 12 Charts from 2012: 12 ways to build women's economic security #ncpol #ncga twitpic.com/brjshm

And here's the chart:

Sorry, kind of hard to read in this format. I'll try to find a better image. Until then, here's some good news:

NBCNews Dec 26, 9:20pm via HootSuite Good news confirmed: Asteroid won't hit Earth in 2040 nbcnews.to/W5QZjR

WTF? I wasn't even aware the asteroid was thinking about hitting Earth. What if it changes its mind? Are we supposed to avoid making potentially offensive asteroid jokes for the next 27 years? I guess we'll have to keep calling them hemorrhoids for the time being...

democracync 9:45am via HootSuite RT @jonathankappler: Former NC Rep LaRoque (R) indicted on four new counts in money-laundering scheme bit.ly/W3niQe #NCGA #NCPOL

Investigators were initially searching the house when one of them glanced out a window and noticed $3 million in Twenties drying on a series of clotheslines in the back yard. "They smell better that way," mumbled LaRoque as he was marched in handcuffs to his favorite police cruiser.

Author's note: See, the joke is funny because it plays on the notion that LaRoque is too stupid to understand what money laundering really is. Then again, a joke that requires a footnote could possibly be a waste of time for all involved...

betseyross 9:05pm via HootSuite
AWESOME: Americana Week: Patriotic Alternative To Kwanzaa #separatism Move-On-Up.org ht.ly/gr8Md #tcot #p2 #ncpol #lnyhbt

Really? Only in a truly racist mind (not to mention paranoid and delusional) could the need exist for an alternative to Kwanzaa. And I don't care if the movement was started by an African-American, the Conserva-trolls polluting the ncpol hashtag are supporting this because they want blacks to forget about their heritage and suffering and conform to whatever the Great White Hope-for-less architects have scribbled on their Etch-A-Sketches this week as what America should be, and ignore all that residual racism that permeates our supposed post-racial society.

CollegeDemsNC RT @ydnc: Hoping that in #2013 the GOP-led General Assembly learns we shouldn't vote to make people second-class citizens. #ncga #ncpol #lgbt #ydnc

That's assuming that deep-down the GOP doesn't believe in a class system, and they've been taking draconian measures in a mistaken effort to make us more equal. There's a plethora of evidence showing that assumption is highly unlikely.

Micah4NC 2:25pm via Twitter for iPhone
As a Wilmington native, I'm so pleased by our governor's courageous move to pardon the Wilmington 10. Let the healing begin. #ncpol

Me too, although...okay, here's my problem: Bev has apparently been studying this matter for months (her words, not mine), and the issue has been on the tongues of many for the last few weeks or so, as the Bev Clock ticked down. Seeing that photograph with all the pardons splayed out in front of her made me think about a card game. And that look on her face was like somebody who had been holding a high trump card in an effort to claim the very last trick.

It might be politically savvy, but it also made it seem like it was a difficult decision. But what the hell, the Wilmington 10 have had to put up with truckloads of crap for decades, what's a few more slaps in the face?

Allright, I think it's time for Cynical Steve to take a little nap, since he's beginning to act cranky. Here's your Onion:

The Onion‏@TheOnion

[In Focus: The Holidays] Ghost Of Christmas Future Taunts Children With Visions Of PlayStation 5 http://onion.com/WvLYDm



jimmorrill 9:20am via TweetDeck Bowles and Simpson on cliff deal: 'Truly a missed opportunity to do something big' but a 'small step forward.' #NCPOL #erskinebowles

Your "something big" would undoubtedly result in much needless suffering, and it would also likely deflate the tires of our economic recovery, resulting in reduced revenues and even more suffering.

Take off the blinders, Erskine. Your single-minded approach to debt reduction is causing you to forget a whole lot of important things, not the least of which is your Democratic principles.