Tuesday Twitter roundup

Stand back, the flip-floppers are at it again:

tmorman 10:26am via web RT @Rob_Schofield: Tillis on past House GOP support for health care exchange: "That was then, this is now" #flipflop #ncga #ncpol #ncgov #governorpope

In other words, the people can't trust a damned thing you say, because your opinion follows whatever hot air is blowing up your arse at the time.

peterwalz 10:25am via web RT @kevinjohnrogers: Rep Insko: 1.5 million in NC do not have health insurance. We pay for their care in ER. #NCPol #NCGA

It appears Verla is shining today, which comes as no surprise. On a related yet side note, Rep Insko is one of the few politicians who didn't look over my shoulder or glance around for somebody more wealthy or interesting to talk to (not hard to find), she actually paid attention to what I was saying. Which was refreshing, and...somewhat unsettling. People usually ignore me, and I can just babble on about whatever in a stream-of-consciousness thing without worrying about losing respect or status that I don't have anyway. The moral of that story is, we need to keep her.

kevinjohnrogers 11:15am via Plume for Android Rep Dollar is living up to his last name. #NCPol #NCGA

Hah! Ten points for humor, and five bonus points for brevity. One of these days I'll learn that second thing...

NCWorkers 11:18am via HootSuite IT'S NOT TOO LATE: Tell your Senator to vote against unemployment cuts on 2/12 bit.ly/V4ezRG #ncpol #ncga #ui

It was too late about 3 1/2 months ago. This train wreck is going to happen, I'm afraid, and tens of thousands will be victims.

RT @tarheelworkers: USDOL raises concern over #NC unemployment insurance bill http://t.co/08geaubG #ncga

And that one deserves a little digital column space:

WASHINGTON — Acting Secretary of Labor Seth D. Harris today issued the following statement regarding North Carolina House of Representatives Bill 4:

"The North Carolina legislature is considering legislation that would reduce state Unemployment Insurance benefits. If enacted, the legislation also would cut off all federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation — that is, benefits after 26 weeks of unemployment — to 170,000 unemployed North Carolinians. This cutoff is automatic under federal law. I have no discretion to stop it. As a result, families struggling to secure their place in the middle class will suffer a grievous blow, and the state's economy will lose $780 million in federal funds that are vital to reducing North Carolina's high unemployment rate.

"We know that for every dollar spent on Unemployment Insurance benefits, nearly two dollars are generated in the local economy. Unemployed workers and their families spend these benefits in local grocery stores and small businesses, and use them to stay current on mortgage or rent payments and utilities. For these reasons, UI programs are vital to economic growth in difficult times, particularly in states like North Carolina with high unemployment rates."

Lacking sympathy, lacking basic economic comprehension, lacking long-term vision, lacking repect for basic human dignity. The only thing NC's Republicans aren't lacking in is the ability to wholeheartedly endorse false premises.

On that note, I need a little Onion to explain away the tears of frustration:

The Onion @TheOnion 2h
Pope Accepts Senior Analyst Position At Catholic Think Tank onion.com/V3QrkG

Am I the only one who immediately thought of the Puppetmaster? That seems like way too much of a coincidence...


Addendumb: puppet promotes Internet gambling

NCSweepstakes 12:10pm via Safari on iOS @thomtillis @SenatorBerger @PatMcCroryNC A must read as you look to save and create NC jobs. #NCGA #NCPOL #NCGov carolinajournal.com/daily_journal/…

Note to Rick: I realize the Internet gambling machine is a great source for quick campaign cash, and you absolutely hate the NC Education Lottery because it pumps money into public schools which you and your twisted brethren would like to see collapse. But two wrongs don't make a right, even in the make-believe land of Civitasville.

Late, late edition:

cgbullard 12:56pm via Twitter for iPhone RT @SenatorBerger: Today I spoke w/ @FoxNews about the need for tax reform. The interview will air early next week. #NCGA #NCPOL pic.twitter.com/le0SqB9f

Using my mad Internet skills, I was able to procure the video ahead of time:

I know. I'm a frickin' genius.

p.s. Phil: That couch is actually painful to look at.