Two guys, a bill, and a power company.

Last week Republican Sen. Bill Rabon unleashed SB 10 on the citizens of NC. Rabon made the ridiculous claim that the bill would "increase efficiencies in state government." What the bill actually does is wipe out members of the Utilities Commission, Environmental Management Commission, and the Coastal Resources Commission.

The real reason Rabon sponsored this bill is debt, his debt to Duke power. SB 10's primary sponsors have received a total of $102,500 from Duke Power. Sen Tom Apodaca - $35,000 from Duke and $30,500 from Progress Energy (2002-2012).

Republican Sen.Neal Hunt, $19,000 from Duke and $12,000 from Progress (2004-2012). Bill Rabon, $3,000 from Duke and $3,000 from Progress (2010-2012).

Throw in the money Duke pumped into the co-sponsors and it brings the total to a whopping $147,000.

While Rabon was introducing his turd of a bill, he just happened to also be opening the door for his good buddy, former Duke Power engineer, proud member of ALEC, and all around tool, Republican Senator Mike Hager, Duke's special guy and chairman of the Senate Utilities Commission. You can add another $14,500 to Duke's tab they paid Hager.

How does this open a door for Hager? Well by eliminating any opposition on the Utilities and Environmental Commissions, Good ol' Mike can now attack 2007 SB3, NC's Renewable energy portfolio standards, a bill Duke helped write.

Here's where it gets whacky. ALEC opposes 2007 SB3, Duke opposes ALEC's "Electricity Freedom Act", the model law to repeal laws like 2007 SB3, Duke is a member of ALEC, and both Duke and ALEC own Mike Hager. Whew.

To compound the problem Duke wants to raise rates 10%, the reason being, they got a bunch of dirty coal plants polluting the atmosphere and don't want to spend the money to build new ones or modernize the old ones. Most small to medium size businesses reinvest a good portion of their profit back into their business. Not Duke, they want to keep all their profit and have you and I pay for their cost of doing business.

So what do you do? Do you spend millions, perhaps billions of dollars modernizing your business or do you spend $161,500 buying low life Republicans to get the job done for you?


SB 10

My guess is that as more and more people in NC realize that the NC GOP is about to ass fork 99% of the state and the environment it's time for a distraction. Enter "Stam the Sham". Paul Stam is about to introduce legislation that will raise willful ignorance to new heights. Also we have to remember these assholes belong to the party that invented "astroturfing".

We've already seen this with the economist with the unfortunate name Arthur Laffer and his Pope/Civitas economic tax "study".

David Esmay

Don't forget the high-priced whore ($10+ million)

Of course, we can't forget the untold millions Duke Energy paid DAG McCrory to run for office over the past decade. And I underscore the word "untold." There has not been and will never be a full accounting of how this piece-of-shit drone worked his way up the Duke Energy ladder to a job that required nothing but running and running and running and running for office.

Not the same Mike Hager as the one...

....who asked for opinions on his FaceBook page about cutting NC unemployment benefits and then spent the day deleting hundreds of replies that weren't what he wanted to hear...not that slimy Mike Hager was it?


One and the same. Hager is a good example of how twisted the NC GOTP is, a former engineer for Duke and chairman of the Senate Utilities Committee, that instead of using his knowledge and experience to improve the quality of how electricity is generated and delivered to the public, because after all he is a public servant, spends all his time and effort to increasing the profits of his former employer at the expense of the public.

David Esmay

By Golly...

...he's the same Mike Hager who admitted under oath that he purposely lied to clients who bought property in his development in Lake Lure, claimed he didn't have money to cover the expenses of the ensuing lawsuit and then magically came up with the money to pay it off - one week after the election...yep, he's the one.