Under the Locke Dome

From NC Policy Watch:

Speaking of the media, it almost seemed like the folks at the N&O who write Under the Dome needed a day off recently and let the folks at the Locke Foundation take over. That's about the only way to explain Saturday's Dome with the headline "Locke linguists demystify plannerspeak," which printed several entries from what Dome called the Locker's "conservative's glossary to the jargon that city planners are known to throw around."

One of the entries that Dome deemed worthy of reprinting was the Locker's definition of affordable housing as "extortion scheme to force homebuilders to sell their houses at below market prices."

That's absurd and offensive, not demystifying.And if that wasn't enough, Dome was happy to steer readers to the Locke site to read more of the right-wing diatribe presented as a glossary.

Usually groups have to buy ad space for that kind of presentation.


Holy crap!

Right on, James. That is incredibly offensive. We should go point by point and put our own definitions in play and send it to the editor.

Affordable Housing -- the only way to keep racist, greedy Republicans from pushing black folks off their land.

sheesh. Do you have the link to that Under the Dome column?