Voter Suppression

If anyone is going to sit back and say, "whew" because Obama was reelected and it's all good, forget it. Governor Perdue vetoed the voter suppression law(voter ID), but if you think McCrory will do the same, you are delusional. As soon as the legislature meets, there will be a new NC Vote ID law passed by the legislature and the fight will begin anew. Get ready by contacting voters who may be disenfranchised and let's start today. Data banks must be built and data must be accumulated.


Gun Control

I just went through some really aggressive discussions about gun control but, I was reminded that this is not about gun control but it is about gun safety. The NRA says it is for gun safety but if they had their way, all guns and all arsenal weapons would be legal for all citizens. This is not a walk down the roads of NC. We need sane and sensible, and also easily interpretable laws to make the citizens of NC safe, not only with their safety from gun violence but with their ability to defend themselves. We need to lead the nation in that balance.

Fritz Pardue