When ALEC comes to town: send your kids to any school you want

Like we don't already have major educational funding issues:

A state legislative subcommittee wants North Carolina families to be able to attend any public school in the state, allowing them to cross district lines without having to pay tuition or get the permission of the school system they’re leaving. “The question is about the methodology of giving the best education for kids at an individual level,” said Sen. Fletcher Hartsell, a Cabarrus County Republican and chairman of the subcommittee.

The draft bill has similar language to one proposed by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a largely private conservative group backed by major corporations. The group proposes model legislation for lawmakers to introduce across the country. Several bills were introduced in the General Assembly last year that matched or were similar to ALEC legislation.

I've got some methodology for you: how about we bring class sizes down to the maximum optimum of 18 students per teacher, get our teacher assistants back in the classrooms for younger children, pay the teachers more so they won't have to work a couple of extra jobs to pay their mortgage, and maybe set aside some funds for schoolbooks that aren't older than the Vice Principal?


ALEC? Surely not

Although the bill "has similar language to one proposed by" ALEC, "Hartsell said the draft bill was not inspired by ALEC."


"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Yeah, he's full of it

And whether it's "model" legislation c/o ALEC or a "model" right-wing town in Colorado that inspired this, it's still a crazy-ass idea from out-of-state. We've got enough crazy-ass ideas of our own without importing even more from elsewhere.

Killing public schools is the

Killing public schools is the goal.
Forsyth Co. now allows this kind of 'school choice,' and I understand it has resulted in near segregation of their schools. I am looking for more details on that.

How does any school district plan for building new school buildings when they won't know how many will be attending the following year?
Who will pay for these schools? I doubt NCGA will offer to help.

Chapel Hill/Carrboro has a district where the community pays extra taxes to support education. If kids from other districts want to attend school here, would their parents have to cough up the difference between their own county's contribution to education and what is paid in Ch/C??

Who decides if there is 'room' in a district, or a school, for more students?

How does anyone do a redistricting of the school population within a district if they don't know how many will be there?

How will a school be able to determine how many teachers to hire?

What happens to the empty buildings left behind when large numbers of students abandon a district?

How clogged will our roadways be by parents driving kids all over the place to school?

And on a less important note, how will this affect school sports, if all the state's best 'name your sport' players decide to attend one school?

The ulterior motive can no longer be hidden or denied; total destruction of public schools is the goal. Creating a revenue stream of tax dollars for private companies is their desired outcome.

Get prepared to vote, and lobby, and demonstrate, or get ready to watch your tax dollars become an end of year bonus in the pocket of an out of state CEO.

This General Assembly has taken micro-managing to a whole new level, reprehensible for people who claim to be small government Republicans. This over-involvement in local affairs is ultimately going to be their downfall.


They're also looking at new legislation to prevent cities from being able to require trees as part of permitting ... or to protect trees on private land.

Breathtaking stupidity

Free-for-alls have a reputation of always working out well.

That's why the extremist loons proposed a free-for-all for public schools.

What colossal stupidity. Anyone who would propose this is not fit to serve.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014