Richard Burr on Obama: 'tremendous athlete' but I won't dine with him

Ah, yes. Liddy's gone...can't wait to bounce this tool out of office. From the N&O's Under the Dome:

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr wouldn't mind watching basketball with Barack Obama. The Winston-Salem Republican was recently on the Charlotte sports talk show "Primetime with the Packman." Repeating a question from the Democratic primary last year, host Mark Packer asked whether Burr would rather have dinner with Hillary Clinton or Obama.

"Hillary Clinton in a heartbeat," Burr said. "I've had an opportunity in the last week to have dinner with Barack Obama. I passed on that one."

Does it matter where Court of Appeals judges are from?

I'm sure I'm either naive or uninformed on this issue, but I'm having some philosophical trouble with the idea that the home state of a judge appointed to the US Court of Appeals should have any bearing on anything.

Jack Betts seems to think it's a big deal, but doesn't explain why except to say that we need judges "steeped in North Carolina law." Is that really true?

Beer brawl brewing

Mark Binker has the story and unless I'm missing something, Red Oak Brewery has a compelling case. It looks to me like the whole basis for the regulating distribution policy for alcohol is an anachronism from the blue law days. Make sure you read the comments, they're actually enlightening.

"Painting A Moving Train"

The title of this diary is also the title of a training seminar produced by the Citizen-Soldier Support Program (CSSP), the Veteran's Administration (VA) and the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers (AHEC). The phrase itself was taken from a talk by Marine Corps General Robert Magnus, as he discussed the difficulties of addressing health issues for troops subject to combat deployment. I attended this all-day seminar Friday in Florence, S.C., sponsored by the PeeDee AHEC, and I'm going to share with you some of the things I learned during this incredibly compelling and enlightening training session.

200 youth activists storm the North Carolina capitol, the Healthy Youth Act PASSES in committee!

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Last Tuesday, March 10th, was Adolescent Health Advocacy Day in NC. Over 200 youth activists and state officials gathered at the NC capitol to learn about effective advocacy and important issues like comprehensive sex education, teen pregnancy, mental health, and physical health. The morning featured youth speakers and state senators and representatives speaking about why we needed to make our voices heard.

Gordon Smith for Asheville City Council

Hi BlueNC.

I'm Gordon Smith, and I'm a candidate for Asheville's City Council. I hope you'll all come to see the campaign website - Gordon For Asheville - and have a look around. On Saturday, March 14th from 2-4pm, I'll be liveblogging at firedoglake, and I'd love for you all to drop by.

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Rachel on a roll - Recognize anyone in her ConservaDem segment?

The Old Reliable

Zabouti, a friend and regular commenter here at BlueNC, recently wrote about the importance of newspapers, especially newspaper reporters, in keeping our country on the right track. I've always agreed with him in principle, though I haven't put that principle into practice in recent years. After taking the N&O for most of my adult life, I quit subscribing a couple of years ago in protest to their weak-kneed editorial pages.

Today I resubscribed, grudgingly.


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