Intro of School Violence Prevention Act

Today Rep. Rick Glazier, Rep. Tricia Cotham, and Senator Julia Boseman announced the introduction of the School Violence Prevention Act in the NC House and Senate this week. Also known as the anti-bullying bill, this legislation will help make all students, including those who are LGBT, safer at school.

While this bill will establish an unambiguous stance against bullying by other students, it will also make it clear to educators and school employees that harassment is unacceptable. Senator Boseman, struggling to keep her composure, remembered "Jim McGraw Daniels, 14, died of an overdose after being bullied at school. By teachers." The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) strongly supports the legislation.

Sen. Kay Hagan Says North Carolina Underrepresented on Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

I offer a letter from Kay Hagan without edit or commentary:

As you know, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit covers five states – North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia – and includes fifteen authorized judgeships. North Carolina, which has the largest and fastest-growing population of these five states (more than 9.2 million residents, or nearly 32 percent of those served by the 4th Circuit) is represented by only one judge on the court. South Carolina and Virginia have three judges each, while Maryland and West Virginia, the circuit’s smallest state with a population of just more than 1.8 million residents, have two judges each.

North Carolina Unemployment Shoots to 9.7% for January

North Carolina's unemployment situation looks grim. Our rate is the highest it has been since 1983 with manufacturing and construction taking the biggest hits. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to those who have lost their jobs.

Just this morning, 300 employees lost their jobs at the Dell plant in Forsyth County.

"I was going in as on a normal morning -- next thing I know, I look up and they come and walk me to the office and say I am no longer employed at Dell," an employee who would only identify himself as Keith said. "I was shocked, but I kind of felt it coming. There has been a whole lot of speculation. There was a bunch of rumors, but it eventually happened."

Hundreds of millions of dollars in tax liabilities were written off for Dell Computers with only about 10% being tied to their ability to employ 1700 workers - a number Dell never reached at the plant before layoffs started.

Job Security: Practicing Medicine in a Toxic Environment

You know, I don't expect physicians to automatically be tree-hugging environmentalists, and I've known quite a few who are considerably right-of-center. I don't really have a problem with that, because I'm impressed with the sacrifices they've made and their concern for the health of their patients. But every now and then, I see behavior that just blows my mind, and DOCTOR Jim Forrester's bill S520 is one of them:

Miller and Hagan on Obama Stem Cell Research Decision

On Monday, President Barack Obama announced he was lifting the Bush ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. While it is welcome news to many who were holding out hope for the promises offered by results of early research, the researchers are now eight years behind on developing cures and treatments using these stem cells.

Rep. Brad Miller, NC-13 and Senator Kay Hagan approved of the move.

President Obama's decision gives new hope to those suffering from debilitating or potentially debilitating disease. Embryonic stem cell research holds great medical promise, which we will now realize.

The National Institutes of Health now has 120 days to deliver ethical guidelines for using embryonic stem cells in research. One thing is certain in my mind - however these cells are used during research, it will be a heck of a lot more ethical than discarding them in an incinerator.

Breaking News: No Shuler in 2010

Draft Coop posts the scoop from the N&O today with the announcement that BlueNC's least favorite son, Heath Shuler, will not be running against Burr in the 2010 Senate race. After all the work he had put in previously (Bill Clinton hosting a fundraiser on his behalf in Raleigh, announcing Barack Obama at the National Day of Prayer, etc.) it appeared that the conservative DINO from the mountains was trying to build a large, centerist(right) base for which to target Burr next year. However, it is all for naught.

Governor Beverly Perdue State of the State (Open Thread)

The complete prepared text of Gov Perdue’s State of the State Address follows.

Gov. Bev Perdue State of the State

March 9, 2009, Raleigh


Speaker Hackney, President Pro-Tem Basnight, Lt. Gov. Dalton members of the General Assembly and honored guests.

Bringing Down Approval Numbers

We've all known and seen this, the Republican party has become the obstuctionist party filled with liars (to be politcally correct it's not lying, it's now "distributing mis-information") and whiners. They have lost the House, the Senate and the White House by an overwhelming edict from the American people.

On redistricting

Taylor Batten, editorial page editor of the Charlotte Observer, wrote yesterday about redistricting reform. Though I hold zero hope for the idea, I do sympathize with his call for a saner approach to drawing districts.

That said, the laughable legislation proposed by North Carolina Republicans isn't it.

A Visual Guide to the End of Civilization

aka my wedding pictures!

The anti-gay groups don't like that NC is the only southern state without a marriage discrimination amendment to their constitution because they are worried someone could get married out of state, then come back home and sue to have their marriage recognized. Well as of yesterday I am one more person for them to be afraid of because I got married in Boston yesterday.


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