N&O Introduces $5/month E-Edition online newspaper

Here's the email in all its glory:

The News & Observer is proud to introduce its newest newspaper product - The N&O e-edition. The e-edition is a digital replica of the print newspaper, available on your computer 7 days a week. It's visually pleasing and reads like the real thing - perfect for the traveler, youngster or mover and shaker in your family.

New! Get the e-edition for only $5 a month! Sign up or learn more at newsobserver.com/e-edition.

Special features of the e-edition:
Searchable, savable, printable, emailable
Simple navigation for easy reading
Includes all seven community newspapers
Available every morning by 5:00 a.m.

Five dollars a month is very reasonable and that includes all of the community newspapers as well. No word on whether this ends regular online access or this is a different online product.

Now, if they can come up with a bargain for access to archives I'll be very happy.

Kay Hagan Scores Big Points for Transparency

Kay Hagan is cosponsoring legislation introduced by Russ Feingold that will hold U.S. Senators to the same financial filing standards that members of the U.S. House must meet. Currently, senators are not required to file their campaign finance reports electronically. This means a delay of weeks before their reports can be reviewed by the public. During a campaign, those weeks can be crucial as voters are denied the ability to see who is financially supporting the candidates running for senate.

Political action committees, U.S. House candidates and presidential candidates all have to file electronically. Members of the Senate still fill out paper forms, pass them along to the secretary of the senate where they are then transmitted to the FEC. Transmission times have increased in recent years as the Senate grapples with a shortage of workers fluent in Morse code.

Legislature considering allowing sewage to be pumped into our aquifers...ACTION!!

Below is the text of an email I received today from the North Carolina Conservation Network. It's almost impossible to believe anyone would actually consider asking for or allowing this to happen. Almost...simply because the people we elect seem to be capable of anything.

Due to the public health risks, it is currently illegal in North Carolina to inject treated sewage into our groundwater. However, this week the state legislature is likely to begin committee hearings and could vote on a measure to unravel this public health protection.

Newspaper shill: Sec. Salazar's wind plan=dark ages

Last Week, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar made a bold proclamation about wind energy.

"The idea that wind energy has the potential to replace most of our coal-burning power today is a very real possibility...It is not technology that is pie-in-the sky; it is here and now."

Wow, that is good to hear. But if you read Vincent Carroll of the Denver Post, you'd think Ken Salazar is just some country bumpkin whose ideas on wind energy are a prescription for the middle ages. Really? Hmmm ... It seems he gets his conclusion by 1) attacking Al Gore and 2) by cherry picking his information from Energy officials, and citing no renewable energy experts. Way to do your work Mr. Carroll. Shill work.

Banks and students

After decades slopping at the public trough by making loans to students with virtually no risk (loans backed by government guarantees for repayment), banks are fighting Obama's plan to redirect billions of dollars in profits to scholarships for needy students.

Is there an industry more sleazy than the big banking industry? What a bunch of creeps.

Tax attacks

Don't you just love it when a multimillion dollar enterprise whose very existence depends on tax-deductible contributions goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on about the evils of taxation?

It’s not that we believe there should be no taxes. Government is a necessary institution for the preservation of our liberty. By its very nature, government is compulsory and will tax us. But the taxing power should be used only according to constitutional principles, to fund the limited, constitutional functions that private individuals and voluntary associations cannot do for themselves.

You'll see these two threads in everything the Show has to say: First, government is compulsory. And second, taxing power should be used according to a certain set of constitutional principles that only they understand. Government is not compulsory by its very nature. Government is a choice. We the People created it from less than nothing in order to bring a small semblance of order to the chaos of our own human behavior.

And as for constitutional principles? Go ahead and read all about it.

Politically speaking: "Being in the minority is supposed to taste like a s*** taco" [video]

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show warn the wingnuttiest of the wingers to keep their powder dry, ease up on the hypocrisy and rage or risk burning out before 2010.

He's obviously not on our side. I say, rage on little wingnuts, rage on. Video below the fold.


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