Sue me sue you?

A bill filed today would specify that blogs can be libelous.

Sen. Steve Goss said he wrote the bill over concern that "fast-moving Internet technology" may be outstripping existing libel laws. He wants the law to specifically say that blogs and other online media can be considered libelous. "We need to make sure that we're keeping up with technology," he said. "I believe these blogs are getting out of control."

These blogs? Just exactly which of "these blogs" is the Democratic Senator in Raleigh talking about? I'd be surprised to learn that Mr. Goss has ever even visited a blog. That said, he's an ordained Baptist preacher, so I'm guessing he has god on his side when it comes to policing the blogosphere.

To my knowledge.

No Taxation = No Representation for Obama Appointees

First Chief Performance Office appointee Nancy Killerfer, now Health and Human Services appointee Tom Daschle. Both have withdrawn from consideration for their positions on account of tax troubles. Two deep, painful black eyes for the new president.

Killefer, though damaging, can be replaced. She is not the consumate Beltway insider (though she does have credentials) and her office would be a bit more abstract - documenting fiscal performance within the budget office. A position necessitating competence, for sure, but not so for political muscle. She can certainly be replaced.

Women at the table

Years ago, I wrote a column for the Chapel Hill News called "Dear Women." I also posted it here at BlueNC.

When March was declared Women's History Month by Congress in 1987, our nation created an opportunity to celebrate women's past accomplishments and, perhaps more important, inspire their future. Because if there's any hope for grace in this world, it will surely come through the leadership of women. Men have made messes of so many things -- that is what men do. And this particular man has had enough. So on this first day of Woman's History Month, I have a request for women everywhere. Will you please take over?

Former Insurance Commissioner, Jim Long, Dies at 68

Former Insurance Commissioner, Jim Long has died as a result of a stroke he suffered on January 21. He was 68 years old. For many of us, Jim Long was the only Insurance Commissioner we've known in NC. He was a true public servant and will be greatly missed.

I did not know Jim personally, but as a consumer I will remember him as the man who stood up to the insurance companies so that the rest of us could afford our premiums.

We owe Jim's wife and family a debt of gratitude. Public life isn't always easy. Jim could not have served the people of North Carolina if they had not been willing to make sacrifices. Peg, thank you for sharing so much with us.

Michael Phelps Smokes Pot, Deal With It

Lord forbid that we actually have a real discussion about marijuana, its use and its abuse. No, we have to turn this into a witch-hunt where Michael Phelps is bad, bad, bad becuase AAAAAAH MYYYY GAWWWWD he smokes pot!

Please, everyone who hasn't smoked pot raise your hand? One, two, three, four.

Now, everyone who knows somebody who had their life ruined by pot raise your hand. Okay, no one.

Now everyone who knows somebody who had their life ruined by alcohol raise your hand. One, two, three, four....four million.

Yeah, what a load of crap. If I were Michael Phelps I would man up and talk about pot for what it is, less addictive and less destructive than alcohol. He should know, he's been arrested for DUI back when he was 19!

Water Quality Battle Looms

When most people contemplate water pollution, they picture riverside factory pipes spewing an unholy concoction of steaming bubbly chemical stuff. Which did/does happen, but those source point polluters are easy to find and deal with, which we have done rather well. But when our water quality didn't really improve much, we realized we had a bigger problem, and one that would be much harder to deal with. Stormwater runoff is the single biggest polluter of our water systems in North Carolina, and it's long past the time for our leaders to face the music and start dealing with it. For the General Assembly members reading this, I have two things to say: it won't be cheap, and it can't be postponed.

New NC Chamber leaders oppose women's pay equity

On Tuesday, February 3, the NC Chamber of Commerce (formerly known as NCCBI - NC Citizens for Business and Industry), will hosts its government affairs conference in Raleigh. State legislative and government leaders will attend and speak.

What is offensive is that this organization under the new leadership of a Mr. Lew Ebert (previously of Kansas and Pennsylvania) opposed the recently passed Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

See their email alert here

While most small businesses may not be members of the statewide NC Chamber, many local chambers of commerce throughout the state affiliate with this organization. People at the local level should urge their local chambers of commerce to express their disbelief that the formerly well-respected NC Chamber has sunk to the new low of opposing equal pay for women in the workplace.


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