House Majority Leader Hugh Holliman looking to shaft state workers.

I just read this over at Isaac Hunter's Tavern, the blog of local NPR reporter Laura Leslie, and was simply astounded. The state health care plan is in a major shortfall, as discussed elsewhere. So, what should we do to fix the problem? Adam Searing and Adam Linker think we should look at the administrator of the health care plan, of course we aren't allowed to look at them because the details are CONFIDENTIAL.

HKonJ3 Valentines Day Feb 14th

Journalist Cash Michaels has produced a powerful new video -- just 2 minutes and 33 seconds in length -- about the importance of HKONJ 3 -- Historic Thousands on Jones Street in Raleigh -- and what we hope to accomplish on February 14, 2008.

Watch and pass it on to your friends and colleagues:

Invite them to join you at the event!

Executive Compensation Limits for CEOs on the Public Dole now at risk

Senator Kay Hagan cosponsored the amendment that would limit CEO pay for those executives receiving money under the TARP program. This probably came as a surprise to those who claimed she was too "business friendly" during the campaign. It may have come to a surprise to a few CEOs as well. Hagan's first amendment is at risk of being stripped from the stimulus bill and it may be up to the average taxpayer to help keep it in the legislation.

Executive compensation limits have been wildly popular among the people I talk to on the ground. I spend time with as many Republicans as I do Democrats and the average "Joe the Republican" I speak with doesn't have a problem with capping pay for those companies on the public dole. There isn't any mention of that slippery slope of socialism. It seems the only people worried about that are the D.C.G.O.P.

Sen. Lindsey Graham & D.C. Republicans Obstruct Stimulus & Whine About Loss of Power

Last week, South Carolina Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, created a stir and made the media rounds after throwing a tantrum on the Senate floor. I watched the entire tantrum live on C-Span and dissected it to see if it contained anything of value. I am looking for anything new the Republicans might offer that isn't the revenue reduction scheme they typically pander. I can honestly report that I found nothing. The Republicans in Washington don't like being out of power and they don't like Nancy Pelosi. They don't like Pelosi so much they are willing to throw the entire nation under the bus while they pout and lick their wounds.

Barack Obama brings Hope to Ft. Meyers as Stimulus Bill Passes

I turned on the television in time to see Barack Obama handed a slip of paper. Apparently, it was a note telling him the stimulus bill had passed in the Senate. When he announced this to the crowd in Ft. Meyer's, Florida, the crowd came to its feet. Obama was quite obviously pleased and said several times, "This is a good thing."

He took questions from a grateful crowd. At one point he called on an older woman who was obviously overwhelmed with emotion. Her name is Henrietta Hughes and she said, "We need help." She said her family is their home. She said, "We need more than a vehicle or parks to go to. We need Help. We need our own kitchen and a bathroom." Barack Obama left the center of the stage and walked over to Ms. Hughes. He took her hand and kissed her cheek and assured her that we will do everything we can to help. He then told her to make sure she spoke to his staff afterward.

Healthy Youth Act

Last Thursday, February 5th, the Healthy Youth Act (House Bill 88) was officially filed in the North Carolina House of Representatives. Today, feb. 9, it will be read in. The Healthy Youth Act would require schools to offer a two-track system for teaching sex education in North Carolina- one for abstinence-only education and another for comprehensive sex education. Parents decide which track their child will take.

The First Week…A Busy Start.

First, I want to thank you and tell you what an honor and a privilege it is to be the State Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party. I am grateful for the outpouring of support and best wishes as we begin working together to make our Party an even stronger voice for those who are counting on us the most -- the good people of North Carolina who are looking to Democrats to make their lives better.

This last week, I held a conference call with our new team of officers. They are ready to get to work on a host of issues from promoting upcoming precinct meetings to working with our party auxiliary groups. In the coming weeks, we plan to travel to every region of the state to meet with local party leaders to identify specific ways that the state party can help local parties grow and succeed.


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