Myrick Amendment Adopted - Hypocrisy Alert

This week Rep. Sue Myrick, NC-09, proposed an amendment to the TARP bill when debate was triggered by the request for the second half of the money by the Obama administration.  As I was listening to her, I thought her amendment sounded quite reasonable.  Barney Frank agreed.  He also hinted at a bit of hypocrisy.

Pricey on Offshore Energy Exploration Study Committee

Rep. Pricey Harrison this week sent out an excellent summary of the newly appointed state Offshore Energy Exploration Study Committee, together with its members, charge, and relevant background information on the underlying issue.  Not finding it posted anywhere online, I'll copying it in its entirety below.  (P.S. Pricey, you should post these newsletters on your website so we can just link to them there!)

[The following is from N.C. Rep. Pricey Harrison, D-Guilford.]

Haywood County Sheriff

Earlier this month, long-time Haywood County Sheriff Tom Alexander, in a surprise move to many, announced his retirement effective February 2.  Since his term expires in 2010, it is up to the county's Democrat Executive Committee to name a replacement.

Local attorney Bill Jones, the county's party chair, along with the executive committee, has set up a process for the Executive Committe to do its job.  Potential candidates submitted their resumes to Mr. Jones earlier this week.  An open forum will be held Saturday, January 24, for candidates to make their pitches and answer questions from Executive Committee members.  Balloting will be held on Saturday, February 7, with each precinct having one vote for every 100 votes cast for Gov. Perdue in November.

The Asheville Citizen-Times listed the following candidates:

-- Albert Allen, a retired N.C. Highway Patrol trooper who lost a bid for sheriff in 2002 to Alexander.

Deeply disturbing

To me there are a number of things that I would like to see in our next Party Chair. A commitment to grassroots politics, an ability to fundraise, and a continued commitment to competing in all 100 counties are all essentials for most people. But what is even more core, and is in fact so essential that it never seems to be mentioned is Democratic values.

Governor Perdue’s First Week

On Friday afternoon we sent out the latest newsletter from the Office of Governor Bev Perdue.  Hopefully you all are on our email list already, but if not, I have reproduced the newsletter below.  It details all the key moments from Governor Perdue’s busy first week.

Email communication is going to play a key role in the Perdue Administration, and I want to encourage everyone to sign up for the email list.  You can do that by clicking here.

You can help us by forwarding the newsletters to friends or directing them to this post right here.  We appreciate the help!  Working together along with tools like our website, our eTownhall, social networking, and North Carolina's blog network we are going to create a vibrant back-and-forth dialogue between citizens and state government.

The Only Thing They Have To Fear Is, Well, That We Are A Brand New State

Granted, I do not spend an inordinate amount of time reading conservative blogs (though it is occassionally useful/fun to see what horrors they may be wailing against from time to time). Today, having just gotten back from Washington, I thought it would be interesting to see what some of the more, shall I say, confrontational blogs had to say regarding the Inauguration and Obama's first two days in office.


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