Salt water rising

In a report that anyone who's not brain-dead could have predicted, it appears that large swaths of the North Carolina coastline would be underwater if the sea-level rises by as little as two feet over the next century.

The report says if the sea level rises 3 feet during this century, some barrier islands will break apart. The report says the Outer Banks are especially vulnerable. Carteret County shore protection officer Greg Rudolph says people accept that the sea level is rising. But Rudolph says planning for something over decades is hard. He says people tend to focus on issues over the typical four-year election cycle.

The first act: Renewal and Reconciliation

President Obama's first act (President Obama ... I love the sound of that) is more symbolic than functional, but there's something hopeful about it.  His first act as president was to establish this day as a national day of renewal and reconciliation.  I know, it's a purely symbolic gesture and may mean little in the long run, especially once the partisan bickering cranks up again, as it surely will.  But it sets a tone that, if followed through, would be a refreshing change for Washington.  

On Learning and Unlearning Racism

Amidst all the speculation about what the election of Barack Obama represents, as far as race relations and equality in this country are concerned, I find myself wondering what some of the black friends I've had in years past might be feeling today. I would like to thank Dr. Frank for jogging loose some of these memories with his haircut story, and I would also apologize upfront if any part of this diary is found offensive by the reader. That's not my intent, but this is a subject that one simply cannot delve deeply into without stepping on some toes in the process.

Senator Ted Kennedy Collapses in the Capitol - Update 3

This story is developing.  I will let you know more when I hear it. 

Update:  CSpan is now reporting that Senator Robert Byrd was also taken from the luncheon for medical reasons.

Update II:  CNN is now reporting that Senator Ted Kennedy began to have a seizure at the end of the luncheon and the seizure lasted for some time and he was still seizing when medics wheeled him out to receive medical care.

Update III:  CNN is reporting that Senator Kennedy is now alert and talking with his family.


BlueNC's Changing of the Guard

 A little over six months ago we were fortunate enough to have three from our community accept the call to help our front page team get through election season.  Thank you to Dan B., scharrison and momoaizo for helping patrol comments, for writing posts for the front page and for keeping conversations going.

As Dan, Steve and Linda rotate off of front page duty, two new community members have agreed to share their voices as front page writers.  Thank you LoftT and usernamehere.  I look forward to reading what you have to say in the months to come.

Please join me in welcoming  LoftT and usernamehere and thanking them for their willingness to help lead our conversations.


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