Staring Unflinchingly Into the Abyss

I'm encouraged that BusinessWeek concurs with my opinion regarding our economy:

The great job bust of 2008 is being felt keenly in communities across the U.S. Few may be suffering more than Greensboro, N.C., one of the South's most scenic and livable cities and no stranger to disruptive economic change. Greensboro's local economy has been stress-tested by global outsourcing since the early 1990s, when jobs tethered to its two once-dominant industries, textiles and furniture, began to move to Asia.

Of course, anyone who's been paying even the slightest attention around here knows this quite well. Do not miss the comments. Hat tip to Ed Cone.

What in the world happened?

We are still trying to get to the bottom of what exactly happened, but it looks like it was a combination of things. The 6.6 upgrade of Drupal had a security weakness that could result in database corruption. I received the security email last night but our issues had started the day before. Unfortunately, it looks like the damage was done prior to receiving the security notice. We have upgraded to 6.7 and have performed a security audit to lock down BlueNC as much as possible. This isn't a case of BlueNC being targeted individually. We simply had a weakness in our drupal installation that harmful bots/crawlers, etc were able to take advantage of.

Black Friday, Corporate Responsibility and Walmart

A lot of my posts here pertain to corporate responsibility-- most specifically and most often, with the halting attempts of America's largest retailer to fully grasp and embrace the meaning of that term, especially as it pertains to its employees, here in North Carolina and around the country.

This is because of my association with Wake-Up Wal-Mart and my dedication to the group's agenda.

Generally in this pursuit, I oscillate between a tone of detached snark and one of outraged derision toward the company, so I've been fairly described as having "an axe to grind."

Happiness Spreads like the Flu

Well here's some good news, courtesy of the Washington Post via O-No!.

"You would think that your emotional state would depend on your own choices and actions and experience," said Nicholas Christakis, a medical sociologist at Harvard University who helped conduct the study published online Friday by BMJ, a British medical journal. "But it also depends on the choices and actions and experiences of other people, including people to whom you are not directly connected. Happiness is contagious."


Another open letter to Bev

This one from Rob Schofield ... ripped off in its entirety without permission.

An open letter to the Governor-elect

Dear Governor-elect Perdue:

It's been pretty crazy around here the last three weeks. What with the economic meltdown, the dramatic change in Washington and then the state budget shortfall and all of the news surrounding your soon-to-be administration here in Raleigh, some of us progressives have forgotten our manners.

We launched right into a series of critiques of your campaign and your initial statements and actions after the election without even taking a step back and saying some basic things that need to be said. Sorry about that. This can happen when you care a lot - or as one conservative Republican lawmaker told us the other day in a rather strange email, "have such hatred in your heart." (We don't actually, and will try to take the attack as a compliment).

Anyway, we never congratulated you on your victory. You beat two formidable and accomplished politicians in a pair of tough, hard fought campaigns. In a year that everyone agreed was about "change" you figured out a way to win as a familiar figure running on a statewide ballot for the third consecutive election.

Thanksgiving Colors: Open Thread

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off to the woods of Pennsyltucky tomorrow morning, so I wanted to wish everyone a happy turkey day and also leave you with a little color. This is a picture of Sharpies on paper that I took with my Blackberry.
Why? Well, the fact that they are mounted on a slide should give you a hint, more after the break.

Mountain Top Removal and North Carolina

I live in the most beautiful place in the world. As far as I am concerned the mountains of North Carolina are in a class all to themselves. I am often caught off guard by the sheer beauty and power of the place I am fortunate enough to call home.
Most people love the mountains of NC for their peaceful beauty, I love them because they are not filled with coal. Our mountains had the remarkable good fortune to escape certain geologic conditions that leave the mountains in surrounding states, chock full of the dirtiest fuel source on the planet.

Outlying Landing Field (OLF)

You may not know it, here in northeastern NC we are STILL battling to save our future and way of life. The Navy is seeking to place an Outlying Landing Field (OLF) in Camden County that will remove up to 53,000 acres of valuable, productive farmland from the county’s tax rolls.

Please keep in mind that the OLF will not create any jobs for our community and will not be of economic benefit to our area. We have discovered that the current OLF at Fentress Field in Chesapeake, Virginia, employs only 38 military personnel (Section of the 2003 FEIS) and has attracted virtually no economic development.

Egads! Where's my BlueNC?

We're getting there. We're also cleaning up some messes along the way. BlueNC won't look like this forever, but we can still use BlueNC as we always have. Let's talk about some changes that will stick around even after BlueNC looks like BlueNC.

1. First, let's take a look at how we write our blog posts. When you open the page to write a blog you should see one big square. We no longer need a separate teaser. We will use the radio button above the square that reads, "Split summary at cursor." As soon as you finish writing your teaser just click on that button.


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