Outlying Landing Field (OLF)

You may not know it, here in northeastern NC we are STILL battling to save our future and way of life. The Navy is seeking to place an Outlying Landing Field (OLF) in Camden County that will remove up to 53,000 acres of valuable, productive farmland from the county’s tax rolls.

Please keep in mind that the OLF will not create any jobs for our community and will not be of economic benefit to our area. We have discovered that the current OLF at Fentress Field in Chesapeake, Virginia, employs only 38 military personnel (Section of the 2003 FEIS) and has attracted virtually no economic development.

Egads! Where's my BlueNC?

We're getting there. We're also cleaning up some messes along the way. BlueNC won't look like this forever, but we can still use BlueNC as we always have. Let's talk about some changes that will stick around even after BlueNC looks like BlueNC.

1. First, let's take a look at how we write our blog posts. When you open the page to write a blog you should see one big square. We no longer need a separate teaser. We will use the radio button above the square that reads, "Split summary at cursor." As soon as you finish writing your teaser just click on that button.

Sister Blog Site Calling it a Day - Raising Kaine to End its Run this Year

I'm sad to announce that the leader in state blogs and a personal blogfather of mine is calling it quits. Raising Kaine will be shutting its doors on December 31, 2008. Lowell Feld, a man who is so much more than an accomplished blogger, has decided to return to his work involving international energy issues.

Please head on over and let them know they'll be missed. Whether you read them or not, they've touched your experience here as they set a strong example for other state blogs.

"We're No Longer A Southern State"

I went to the drugstore today. Better living through chemistry, and all.

For the second time since I voted, I saw the man who helped me with my touch machine at election time. A big bear of a man, a white senior citizen, oozing friendliness and goodwill.

This time, in the drugstore, I decided to say hello. "Did you work at the polls?" I asked. "Yes," he said, "for early voting." "I thought you looked familiar," I said.

"Did you see me in the newspaper?"
"No, I saw you at the polls."
"You don't read the newspaper?"
"No. My husband does."

Daylight "Wastings" Time

For all the talk about energy savings in today's political environment, effective actions are few and far between. So when a simple opportunity to save millions of dollars in energy costs comes along, we should take advantage of it. North Carolina should abandon the outdated and misguided practice of Daylight Savings Time.


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