Dan Blue

Keep Folwell's hands out of the Treasury

He's already done more than enough damage:

Perhaps Folwell’s most recent accomplishment is helping restore the state’s unemployment insurance reserve to more than $1 billion while leading the Division of Employment Security. The reserve was $2.5 billion in debt when Gov. Pat McCrory took office. It was even higher — $2.8 billion — at one point.

The bowling pin, he says, directly correlates with the effort required to reform a state agency. Just like reforming a state agency, Folwell says there’s never the same number of balls, employees or resources, as pins, targets or goals. “You’ve got to have clarity of thought,” Folwell said.

Yeah, I mean, no. If you hadn't tried to explain the bowling pin thing, I would have assumed it meant knocking over stuff (bureaucratic costs, whatever). But after that inventory of things hastily grabbed from various sports? I have no idea what the bowling pin means anymore. Juggling? Wrapping your hand around the neck of a little white dude? Whatever, it's not only the state's investment portfolio at stake in this election, there are home rule issues to consider as well:

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