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Military Families

I just spoke with a customer/friend of mine. Her husband is an Army officer. She said that on New Year's Eve a group of them were sitting around talking and they all agreed that Bush was the worst president in the history of the United States. They don't say it in public, but they talk about it together. Also, this morning I received an e-mail from another customer/friend. He husband is a USMA (West Point) graduate. He wants to get out of the Army. You know he can't just quit. The powers that be have to allow him to get out. I can remember when I first met him and he was all Army all the time. Things have changed in the military. In public they respect the president, but in private they are asking, "What the hell is he doing?"


that tell the story of 5 years of the Bush Administration's arrogance and incompetence. (I received this in the mail may have too)

1. $319 billion....earmarked for the Iraq war with no plan for success and no end in sight

2. $10 billion....value of no-bid contracts Halliburton received in Iraq

3. 1 in 5....the number of American children below the poverty increase of 12% since George Bush took office

4. $300 billion....the projected 2006 deficit under George Bush

5. $40 much the Bush Administration reneged on the No Child Left Behind Act

JibJab's Latest Efforts

With everyone jumping all over themselves about the new Jib-Jab video on Bush, I figured that I would post a link.  Check out the Bush video, it is funny but tends to make him too much of an innocent party to circumstances for my liking.  I would say that "Big Box Mart" on the same page is a much better effort.  The movie is basically a short diatribe against Wal-Mart and very well done.  It includes a great line (transcribed from memory, so may be a little off):

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