Our Sharia is preferable to Their Sharia??

Is there some NC group tracking this stuff?

This (below the fold) was in the local, two editions/week paper. You would think a "Baptist" would realize that there might be some variations in Muslims -- since there's a bit of variation in just the folks that call themselves Baptists.

H is for Hise, H is for Hypocrite

In a red sea of Republican hypocrisy, Senator Ralph Hise's hypocrisy rises to an extreme level.

After the North Carolina legislature meddled with a deal struck by former Governor Bev Perdue to lease the coveted Dix property to the City of Raleigh (the apparent reasoning being that the former Governor was a Democrat), the state of North Carolina and City of Raleigh have finally, after more than a year, struck a new deal to sell the Dix property to Raleigh. Most everyone, including some of the Jones Street House of Pain's leading extremist nut jobs, are praising this new deal.

Lawmakers on hand Monday said the new deal was much better than the lease agreement, which they feared could end up costing the state money in the long run.
Both Stam and Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-Wake, said they believe lawmakers would not interfere with the deal.

And then there's Hise.

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