Giuliani's patriotism and breeding vs President Obama

As a result of so many factors undermining its public relations, the lobbying/law firm Bracewell and Giuliani should change its name by deleting Giuliani and putting the self-proclaimed “America’s mayor” out to pasture:

(1) He shows himself to be a confirmed racist by publicly and repeatedly associating criminality with being an African American. (The irony in this is deeply familial, as you will see in item 4 below.)

How did running away from Obama work for ya? Kay?

Just how did running away from Obama work for ya, Kay? And the rest of the Senatorial candidates who did so?

And just how well did taking the coordinated campaign from NCDP work out for you and your friends? Well, sure divided the party long term. Wonder if the small "d" democrats will be allowed some minuscule part in the NC Democratic Party, or will the Hunt faction continue to attempt to "take over" for the big money Democrats and the Clintonistas, currently sharpening their harpies claws in their roosts around the Raleigh and Charlotte beltways.

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