Speaker Thom Tillis

The Senate Debate: and they are off!

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos puts the first question to Hagan and regarding foreign policy and use of force.
followup question from moderator -- is there anything Obama has not done he should do?

Hagan starts out firm with good answer.

Two letters worth reading from N&O today

Note about Roz Savitt's letter: she is a former lobbyist and was a great one. I am watching Tillis' campaign commercial where he brags about "balancing the state's budget." Guess he expects North Carolina voters don't know the Legislature is required to balance the budget, no matter which party is in power. Senator Kay Hagan helped produce balanced state budgets, but I don;t think Democrats turned out budgets that we later learned to be phantom budgets. This years budget was only revealed to be unbalanced after the legislature adjourned so folks like Speaker Tillis could go home to campaign for higher office.

Speaker Tillis' commercial offends my sensibilities about truthfulness.

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