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SCOTUS obstruction

What would be the Republican response if Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and not Antonin Scalia, had died unexpectedly? Republicans would never have refused to consider her replacement. With their current Senate majority, they would be eager to force Obama to nominate a "moderate" to replace the liberal Ginsburg. Only because Scalia was an arch conservative, whose sudden absence from the court has shocked and frightened Republicans, have they dug in their heels and refused to let Obama replace him with a moderate.

Another GOP voter suppression scheme found illegal

Don't worry, though. They'll come up with another illegal scheme next time around.

Summary Judgment is granted to plaintiffs with respect to their claim that S.L. 2015-66 violates Article IV, § 16 of the North Carolina: Constitution in that a retention election is not an “election” for the office of supreme court justice as required by the constitution.

Reflections on Amendment One!

Originally posted on Monday October 6

I can still remember how I felt the day after Amendment One passed in North Carolina. I awoke the following day a stranger in my own world, a second class citizen at best. I was exhausted, angry, disappointed and yes, even felt like giving up the fight.

Many good people all across the state stood up and spoke up for equality. They pointed out that it was human rights not gay rights and that all North Carolinians deserve to have the same freedoms and rights. Unfortunately our efforts fell short.

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