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No jail likely for South Carolina Internet gambling kingpins

Just like banksters, if you steal enough money, you earn your get out of jail free card:

A forensic analysis by agents with the U.S. Secret Service and the Internal Revenue Service estimated that over the years Mosley's operations yielded proceeds totaling more than $242 million. Mosely and Caldwell used some of the gambling money to buy secluded lakefront homes in South Carolina, as well as planes, and luxury cars, including a Maserati, documents said.

As part of their plea agreements, Mosely and Caldwell agreed to forfeit $20 million and to cease Frontier's operations in South Carolina. Federal prosecutors, though, allowed them to keep their homes, cars and other property in exchange for the guilty pleas. Mosley will also forfeit hundreds of video poker machines.

And yet, if some teenager is caught with a $15 bag of pot in his car, or even just a roach in his ashtray, there's a good chance that car will be confiscated and sold at a police auction. The dissonance in our criminal justice system is astounding.

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