Voting is a right, not a privilege.

The Orange Board of Elections (BOE) held 2 meetings in July, a week apart, to discuss a request for Sunday voting hours to be added for the upcoming November election. When it was first brought up as a request from religious groups who celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday, our BOE chair commented that they could not make changes without 'hearing from the other side.' That caused a stir amongst the 15 or so people present that day. The murmur in the crowd was, What other side?

Another meeting was set for the following week, and advertised through a press release. Over 70 people turned up. The chair set 15 minutes for each 'side' to speak. A petition with 700 names from our communities requesting Sunday hours was presented, along with numerous other letters with multiple signatures. Representatives of various groups spoke for Sunday voting opportunities.

Dems to Watch

One of the things I have always enjoyed as a perk of writing at BlueNC is learning about candidates and elected officials from different parts of the state. We have an impressive amount of political talent across the state and it includes people we should consider for higher office. The problem? We don't always shine a bright enough spotlight on these candidates and we don't keep track of them after the campaign season is over. I would like to take a step to change that.

An Invitation to the BlueNC Community

You are invited to write blog posts about people serving in your local government, in the state legislature, or who are members of your community interested in political office. Introduce them here and let us know they should be on the 'Dems to Watch' list.


The business of the NCDP

At issue here with the State Democratic Party is no longer a matter of personality clashes or competing party ideologies. The core problem of the struggling NCDP is a lack of leadership. I am convinced that Chairman Voller is a nice guy. I have talked with him one on one and have listened to him speak. I am convinced that he genuinely cares for the party and the people in it. If all it took to be in charge was a winning personality Jimmy Carter would have won a second term and John Kerry would be a former President instead of current Secretary of State.

A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action

As the Congressional Primaries inch closer, it is time for Democrats to do a little less talk and allot more action.

As the Federal Government seizes more and more of your rights as citizens, and the state places their boot across the throats of the citizens of North Carolina, Democrats stand by and allow this to happen with their in-actions, with their indifference as to who represents them in Washington and Raleigh.

As Democrats, by not exercising our responsibilities to hold lawmakers accountable for their actions, (and in the case of the 3rd District Congressional Representative, no action at all), we allow our rights at the state and federal level to be eroded away by the long game of the GOP.

Rucho's Comments...Par for the Course

Bob Rucho’s recent comments concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are par for the course. While his GOP and their Ultra Conservative and Radical Right Wing faction, the Tea Party offer nothing but obstructionism and little substance on healthcare reform, they are content to punish North Carolinas with their Texas style politics. Gerrymandering and the systematic shredding of voter rights are tactics more in line with the comments he made about the Affordable Care Act. The politics practiced by Governor McCrory’s “band of brothers” steadily erode years of progress made in North Carolina. That progress has made North Carolina one of the most sought after locations to live in the nation. With pristine beaches, beautiful mountains and wonderful hospitality, North Carolina is a piece of heaven on earth. But for residents of North Carolina, those days are numbered if the current political policies continue.

Marshall Adame returns from the Middle East to kick off his campaign

Hello North Carolina Democrats! The “Real” Democratic Candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, Marshall Adame, will return home from the Middle East to kickoff his campaign on 10 December 2013. Marshall will be arriving at the Albert-Ellis Airport at 11am.

Marshall is a lifelong Democrat and a resident of Jacksonville for 35 years, he has spent the last 14 months in Saudi Arabia. Please join us in welcoming home this Great American and Champion of the 3rd Congressional District. We look forward to seeing you seeing there to support his bid for the 3rd Congressional seat.


Will a real pro-peace progressive finally step up to primary Rep. David Price??

After calling Rep. Price's office to find out how my Congressman is going to vote on the authorization to attack Syria, the staffer directed me to his House page for his official statement:

Sadly, our establishment-sellout-of-a-Congressman is yet again showing his true colors in supporting a military strike against a nation that hasn't attacked us and doesn't threaten us. With all the good, smart progressives in the 4th, when will someone finally step up and challenge this Military-Industrial Complex Democrat in the Democrat primary? Please!

Frustrated in the Fourth

Sen. Kinnaird 's seat draws a crowd


The list of contenders seeking the state Senate seat of resigning Chapel Hill Democrat Ellie Kinnaird is growing by the hour.

Kinnaird's district is one of the few "safe" Democratic districts drawn in the GOP's 2011 redistricting maps, so whoever is tapped to take her seat is considered likely to win election to a full term in 2014...

Kinnaird, 81, announced Monday she had resigned her seat, effective immediately, to work on outreach efforts to ensure people had the required photo identification to vote under a new state law. She was in her ninth term in the state Senate. In an interview with WRAL News, she did not endorse a potential successor.

The 2013 General Assembly session by the numbers

The 2013 General Assembly session by the numbers
By Mark Binker


One of the most basic duties a lawmaker carries out during session is mashing the red or green button during recorded votes on the House or Senate floor. While plenty of hard bargains and hard luck lurk behind the numbers, vote totals can tell part of the story behind the 2013 legislative session.

Binker reports on quickies like this--most red member of the House: Rep. Susan Martin, R-Wilson, voted most often with the majority, 98.8 % of her votes were with the majority.

And from the loyal opposition, her opposite: Of those who served a full term, Rep. Pricey Harrison, D-Guilford, voted against the GOP majority the most, 74 percent of the time. She is virtually tied with Rep. Paul Luebke, D-Durham.

Some more interesting tidbits here for political junkies. Check it out.

Rip Van Winkle found dazed and confused in Gaston County North Carolina after a 20 year long nap

As you may already know, one of North Carolina’s many nick names is “The Rip Van Winkle” state. “In 1819, Washington Irving published his short story “Rip Van Winkle,” in which the character of Rip Van Winkle goes off into the mountains and falls asleep for twenty years — missing the American Revolution and all of the changes it brought. Many North Carolinians were beginning to feel that time was passing their state by just as it had Rip Van Winkle. The state’s leaders were committed to a small government and an agricultural economy. But with poor transportation, no public education, and little economic opportunity, thousands of North Carolinians left the state each year seeking a brighter future elsewhere. “(An excerpt from the on-line education site, Learn NC.).

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